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We provide Water Saving Products to Hotels and Resorts. Most of the 5 Star and Four Star Hotels and Resorts are already using our Neoperl Water Saving Aerators.

Water Saver Hotels


Its Always good to conserve the Water than buying Tanker Water. Many Apartment communities had Implemented Water Saving Aerators and are able to Save 30% on their Water Bills, thereby able to reduce the Maintenance Cost. Apartments are able to get their Return on Investment ( ROI) within 2 Months from the date of Installation.

Water Saver for Apartments


Major Schools are Installing Neoperl Aerators, Esp Schools with Boarding, where the consumption of water is very high. They can save Water in 3 places, ie; Wash Basin, Shower and Toilet Flush. This will reduce the consumption by 30%. This also gives the New Generation the Value to preserving Water.

Water Saver For Schools


Institutions can Save a Good amount of Water by Using Neoperl water saving aerators. This will bring the water consumption and also provide value addition to the institution on taking Green Initiatives.

Water Saver For Institutions


Hospitals can Save Water by Using Neoperl water saving aerators. Since the water consumption are very high and availability make more difficult.

Water Saver For Hospitals


Major Mall have already Installed the Water Saving products. This way lot of water can be saved. There are Many fancy Model available to make the customer satisfaction.

Water Saver For Malls


Tech Park uses the New Design Model Aerators. This give 70 to 80% water savings and also give fancy look for the Wash rooms.

Water Saver For Tech Parks


Neoperl Aerators are German Made and gives 70 to 80% Water Saving for the Was basin and also for the Toilet Flush.

Water Saver For Commercial Complexes


By installing water saving aerators there will be huge savings in water consumption. As Grey water discharged can also be reduced.

Water Saver For Factories


Restaurants can Save a good amount by saving water. Thus can bring down the water maintenance cost.

Water Saver For Restaurants