Neoperl Shower Aerators

Neoperl Shower Aerators, Water Saving Showers

Neoperl Shower Aerators

The Pressure Controlled Aerators Saves 50 to 65% of Water irrespective of the Water pressure.It gives a Constant flow of water. There are different Model available in which the water flow will be from 4 Liter per minute to 10 Lite per minute.

CHROMALUX® shower hoses not only look great, they also fulfill all technical requirements according to EN 1113. The plastic extruded hoses are available with various international approvals.

    Class & Style:

  • smooth, soft and flexible
  • stunning appearance
  • high quality connections (chrome-plated and optionally coloured)
  • options: swivelling/ revolving connection, integrated check valve, integrated washer regulator